Erin D. Olsen, PT, OCS                                                                            ­­­­­­­______

California Licensed Physical Therapist #22270

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy

1830 Blue Bonnet Place, Encinitas, CA  92024

Tel/Fax: (760) 632-2495     Email:


OBJECTIVE:                           To work as a part time or per diem Physical Therapist in a positive, progressive environment that encourages the use of diverse techniques.


EDUCATION:                          University of Vermont, Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Cum Laude: May 1996

                                                      Member of Phi Eta Sigma, Golden Key, and Mortar Board National Honor Societies



09/04 – present      Healing Hands Physical Therapy, Encinitas, CA.  Currently working as an independently contracted physical therapist for Encinitas Physical Therapy (15 hrs/wk as of 3/07).  Also, treating private clients out of my home based practice suffering from both acute and chronic pain syndromes. 

6/01 - 8/04               Healing Hands Physical Therapy, Carpinteria, CA.  Owner of a small, home-based practice.  Treated 20 patients per week with musculoskeletal disorders.  Additionally treated home-bound patients in need of functional activity training.  Primarily utilized advanced manual therapy techniques including strain-counterstrain and muscle energy techniques with a foundation of the  McKenzie evaluation system.  Also, provided Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy.

4/02 - 6/04               Santa Barbara Hand Therapy, Santa Barbara, CA.  Worked as an Independent Contractor PT 8/hr week. Functioned as an orthopaedic specialist in differentially diagnosing upper extremity problems in patients with  repetitive strain disorder and status post trauma.

12/96 - 8/03            Ventura County Medical Center, Ventura, CA

Worked as a Senior Physical Therapist in rotating position of in-patient acute and out-patient care, responsible for providing 100% quality patient care in toddler through elderly patient population (see below for more details).

                     12/96 - 9/97        Lead In-patient Orthopedic PT:  Evaluated and treated primarily acute orthopaedic patients.  Developed professional relationships with all members of the interdisciplinary team, attended daily orthopaedic rounds, worked closely with social services and DME companies in discharge planning.  Responsible for overseeing entire in-patient caseload.

       9/97 – 8/03       Out-patient PT:   Assessment and management of orthopedic (80%), neurological (10%) and pediatric (10%) patients using a comprehensive treatment approach.  Responsible for initiating ongoing intradepartmental Strategic Planning sessions which focused on improving intra and interdepartmental communication and problem resolution.  Assisted in the development and implementation of “Mission for Fitness”, a program designed to prevent back injuries in the workplace.  Served as a Clinical Instructor to students.

       9/01 - 2/02        Lead In-patient Medical-Surgical PT: Responsible for evaluating and treating acute and sub-acute patients with medical, surgical, musculoskeletal, and neurological diagnoses.  Assisted in orientation, training, and evaluation of PT aides.



4/96                           The Study of Biomechanics with Muscle Energy Techniques for the Pelvis, Sacrum, Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Spine, Northeast Seminars

8/98                           Craniosacral Therapy Level I, The Upledger Institute, Inc.

8/99                           Strain and Counterstrain I, The Jones Institute

10/99                         Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method, The Reese Movement Institute

8/00                           Strain and Counterstrain II, The Jones Institute

11/00                         Strain and Counterstrain III, The Jones Institute

7/01                           Pathophysiology & Mechanics of the Shoulder, Robert Donatelli, Northeast Seminars

11/01                         McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy: Lumbar Spine, The McKenzie Institute

2/02                           McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy: Cervical Spine, The McKenzie Institute

7/02                           McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy: Problem Solving, The McKenzie Institute

8/02                           Myofascial Release I, John F. Barnes, PT

10/02                         McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy: Advanced Problem Solving and Techniques: A Practical Workshop, The McKenzie Institute

11/02                         Mulligan Concept: Mobilizations with Movement, “Nags”, “Snags”, and More, Northeast Seminars

2/03                           Myofascial Unwinding, John F. Barnes, PT

2/03                           Myofascial Release II, John. F. Barnes, PT

1/03 - 9/03               Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Year Long Manual Therapy Course, Joe Godges, DPT,  MA, OCS

5/07                           Lymph Drainage Therapy I, The Upledger Institute, Inc.

6/07                           Myofascial Rebounding, John F. Barnes, PT

11/07                         Strain and Counterstrain IV, The Jones Institute