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Healing Hands Physical Therapy
Erin Olsen, PT
Erin provides a comprehensive treatment approach which includes a unique blend of techniques to address many of the body's systems, particularly the musculo-skeletal system, the articular system, the nervous system, the fascial system, the vascular system, the lymphatic system, and the cranio-sacral system.

Erin attributes her most recent success in the treatment of her patients to the new, cutting edge techniques she has learned through studying with the Jones Institute, the originators of the Strain Counterstrain technique. She has become specialized in the treatment of systemic disorders, such as abdominal pain (IBS), chest pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, fatigue, headaches, vertigo, urinary urgency, and lymphedema. These new counterstrain techniques for the viscera, lymphatic, and vascular systems are also highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, such as neck and low back pain. Additionally, she emphasizes educating people about their dysfunctions and teaching them how to achieve and maintain optimal painfree functioning independent of their therapist, thereby keeping the number of treatments to a minimum.

Healing Hands Physical Therapy
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