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About Erin
Erin Olsen is a California licensed physical therapist specializing in orthopedic physical therapy. Her expertise in the area of manual therapy may prove to help:

  • alleviate pain
  • restore energy level
  • improve your sleep
  • alleviate headaches and anxiety
  • restore body alignment
  • improve your game
  • improve your flexibility & sense of general well-being
  • Erin graduated from the University of Vermont, cum laude, in 1996, and has lived and worked in California for the last 24 years. Erin's private practice began in Carpintaria, CA in 2001.

    She is continuing to work out of her home office in Encinitas, CA. If you have tried other therapists who haven't been able to help you, perhaps it is time to give Erin's "Healing Hands" a try!